briana denicola

Administrative Assistant

I was born in LA County and raised in the gorgeous Mojave Desert by my single mother and wonderful grandparents. I’m second-generation Spanish American on both sides so I grew up speaking Spanish and I’m always looking for a friend to help keep my accent in place! My father was incarcerated most of my childhood, but between him and my mom I was raised with the understanding of Jesus’s sacrificial love for us. I’ll never forget my father, through all his ups and downs, would often stop at freeway off ramps to talk to men about the love of Jesus. It’s imprinted on my heart that Jesus came for those who are sick, for the healthy are not in need of a doctor. I have a heavenly father and an earthly father waiting for me in heaven.
I moved to Orange County at 12 years old and had my beautiful daughter soon after high school. She is a teen herself now and I’m blessed that the Lord saved me through the blessing of a child. I met Chris DeNicola, also a single parent, in 2012 and we married in 2014. He is my polar opposite, the loving balance in my life and he’s a wonderful father to our 2 kids. Chris encouraged me to return to school which lead to a music internship at Mission Hills Church in 2018, and this has been my home ever since. My story is still unfinished but the foundation I built in Jesus keeps me moving through the storms.