Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are we rebuilding or renovating?

We plan to renovate our facility. The current “footprint” of our campus will be the same, but the spaces will be used differently.  For instance, our children’s classrooms will move to the front of our campus and our ministry offices will move to the back.  

  • Why is it important to renovate rather than repair our building?

A renovation will allow us to more effectively fulfill our mission to share the love of Christ; it will expand our reach to our community by providing a more current, relevant and therefore more inviting space for meetings and ministries of all types.

  • What is the timeline for this project?

The fundraising portion is for three years.  We hope to start breaking ground on the renovation in the fall of 2018. 

  • How much will the renovation cost?

Estimates are still being completed, but we anticipate the entire cost of the renovation project will be about $5 million.  This cost includes building reconstruction, a new parking lot, audio/video equipment, furniture and fixtures. 

Will we raise all of the funds needed or get a loan from a bank?

While we would love to pay for the entire building project from funds raised during this campaign, we anticipate a bank loan will intersect with giving at some point.  The loan amount will be determined by the money raised during this campaign.  The staff and elders have constructed a budget for the current fiscal year which will accommodate the possibility of monthly mortgage payments.

  • Do we have an architect working with us on the renovation plans?

Yes, Mission Hills Church is working with Laidlaw Schultz Architects.

  • Do we have a general contractor/builder chosen?

Yes, Marquis Construction, Inc.

  • When will construction begin and when will the renovation be completed?

Construction will start once we have final approval from the city of Mission Viejo.  We anticipate a start date of fall 2017.  It is too early to estimate an exact completion date, but we hope the entire renovation will be completed in one year from the renovation start date.

  • Will we continue to meet on campus during construction?

Yes, we will meet in the auditorium as long as possible and then move to our Underground space or what is currently Room 111.

  • How will a renovated building allow us to reach our community more effectively with the love of Jesus?

A renovated facility communicates there is life at Mission Hills and a welcoming and warm environment for our community to engage with. It is our desire to blend the needs of our church with the needs of those in our community and transform our campus into a place where our community knows they can come to meet, seek help, and be a part of a group of people who are interested in their lives and what matters most to them. 

The updated campus will allow us to provide a safe, fun and relevant space for children and young families.  We are also considering things such as a food pantry, Emergency Response Center, and other “felt needs” of those in our local community.

  • Will there be more seats?  Bigger auditorium?

The renovated auditorium will allow us to put in more seats. 

  • Will there be a new children’s area?

Yes!   The renovation allows us to move our children’s area to the front of our campus making access easier for parents.  The new children’s area will be a safe, fun and relevant space for children.  

  • Will the Underground still be used for J-Hi and HS?

The Underground/basement area will continue to be the meeting place for Junior High and High School. The renovation will open up a portion of the downstairs area providing more intergenerational connection on the weekends.

  • Will there be meeting rooms for groups/classes?

We will continue to use what is currently Room 111 as a space for groups and classes to meet.  The room will accommodate more people once the renovation is complete.

  • Where will the church offices be located?

The church offices will occupy a portion of the facility where our children’s classes are currently located.

  • How does my commitment to the READY campaign impact my regular giving?

Your 3 year commitment to the READY campaign, whatever the amount, should reflect an attitude of sacrifice, faith, and love over and above your regular giving to Mission Hills Church.

  • When does my READY commitment begin and how long does it last?

Your commitment begins the weekend of October 15/16, and lasts until December of 2019.

  • Do we have a consulting company helping us with the capital campaign?

Yes, we have contracted with The Giving Church and they have been guiding us in the process of fundraising for this project.