5th & 6th Grade

Imagine being a 5th or 6th grade student.  Most students at that age feel too old to be in with the little kids and are still hesitant to be with junior highers.  Our answer is Route 56, which provides students with the best of both worlds!  Each week, 5th and 6th grade kids and a host of volunteers meet upstairs at 11:00am in Room 202, for a fun time of crazy games, energetic music, snacks, and teaching.  Regular bi-monthly events are planned for kids to bring their friends.  Our time together is high energy and meant to prepare kids for life's journey by learning and applying the teachings of Jesus.  We would love to have your 5th or 6th grader hit the road with us!  

Due to COVID-19 we are meeting virtually. Contact Perry Hamilton for more information.