Women's Bible Study October 19, 2021

Elijah – Faith and Fire

This fall we will study Elijah, a man of fiery faith. We will see the great things God did through his life and the process of growth God had for Elijah along the way. In learning more about Elijah’s life, you will:

  • Be encouraged to wait on God’s work in your heart and mind, even in seasons when you feel like no one sees.
  • Learn to trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God and His purposes for your life.
  • Understand the value of seasons of growth and testing in your spiritual maturity.


Join us on Tuesdays beginning September 14. Two sessions to choose from, 9:15 am or 7 pm. Childcare is offered for the morning session. Register by clicking on the group you want to join. If you would like to be with a friend and don't know which group they have picked, or you are unsure which group you would like to be in, click here(In the notes section, please indicate which session you prefer or the friend you want to join.)

Morning Groups:

Pat Cody and Lisa Kring

Sean Calwell and Pam Giali 

Sandi Garvin and Myra Richey


Evening Groups:

Betty Peterson and Sandra Price 

Kendra Davis and Christy Freerks 

Annette Picard and Kathy Sidoti

Kerry Bunning and Angela Duesler 

Susan Bailey and Jeanne Hair 


Event Details

Day: Tuesday
Time: 9:00am
Cost: $35
Contact: Karen Buchanan